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Skylar & Shae Children's Session | Corpus Christi, Texas Photographer Kirby LeAnne Photography

As a photographer I feel I am never done learning my craft. Techniques evolve, equipment improves, and trends come and go. In order to serve my clients in the best way I possibly can I am always looking for new classes I can take. So, recently I started a month long course on POSING! Part of the class includes submitting an image for critique each week that fits within that week's assignment.

Last week we were focused on posing 2 or more people together. I took to Facebook looking for a couple cute kids to "model" for me and help me practice. After a few selections and last minute cancellations I contacted Krystina. She was so sweet to make it in with her kids on such short notice, but I am so glad she did because their session is one of my favorites. 

A lot of times kids can be pretty shy when they meet a new person for the 1st time. I usually spend the first part of our session warming them up to me, chatting about their favorite things, school, their friends.  When Skylar and Shae came in though I knew they were just going to be so much fun right from the get go!  

We whispered funny words, told secrets, laughed, and just had fun, getting amazing images in the process. This is my goal with any session, especially ones involving kids. I whole heartedly believe in capturing not just perfect posed smile, but really getting to know what makes them smile for REAL and capturing that! I work hard to get the lovely sweet faces every parent wants but I really love the real moments that show their personalities. Sometimes kids are silly and a little wild...and that is OKAY! They will never be this young, this spontaneous, this care-free again. It is all about preserving that free sprit to remember years and years down the road when their gap toothed smiles and silly faces have become a foggy memory.

Watch the slideshow below to see all the adorable images from my session with Skylar and Shae and send me an email here to set up a session for YOUR kids!