Proposal at Tortuga Cay

I was so excited when Alec contacted me about capturing the moment he propose to his girlfriend, Kelsey!  As a photographer I am all about "MOMENTS", and this is a BIG one!  Guys, trust me, hire a photographer to get those photos! (cough cough)


Alec had already been to the aquarium and scouted out the perfect spot. Seas turtles are Kelsey's favorite animal so obviously it had to be Tortuga Cay at Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi! We got everything set in stone as far as where he would be, when he would be there, and who to look for and I stood in wait until it was time!

As I saw them coming down the stairs toward the turtles my heart raced with excitement and I had to remind myself to "act natural". They passed by me without a second glance (nailed it) and I was able to capture him getting down on one knee and her obvious "YES" and happy tears! Awww,  it makes me smile just thinking of it!

Sea turtles, dolphins, and starfish. Oh my!

Sea turtles, dolphins, and starfish. Oh my!

After giving them some time to just enjoy the moment and make all those important phone calls to family we met back up and took off to get some fun posed shots around the aquarium. Kelsey was such a great sport and let me take her brand new beautiful diamond ring and stick it in the touch tank with the starfish!! How epic of a shot is this?! I wish I had a picture of my ring on a cool sea creature!

Alec and Kelsey are both in the Navy so of course we had to get some shots with the USS Lexington in the background.  Taking their photos on this important and memorable day was such a pleasure and honor. They are truly some of the sweetest people and so blessed to have found each other. I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope to work with them again in the future!!

Do you have a fun proposal story? I'd love to hear yours, share in the comments section!!